HOW TO: Bar of Legends

HOWTO: Bar of Legends – a guide by Bar of Legends Cologne

Hey there :)
When I organized LoL-Parties for gamescom some weeks ago many people came up to me and said “You’re so lucky – we don’t have bars like that in [where they came from]”. My usual response was: “We didn’t have one either before we started this ourselves!”.
What I’m trying to say: If you want events like these in your hometown: organize them yourself! Of course it’s some work but not too hard!!!

Since LCS Worlds are coming up I thought I’d write a short “HOWTO Bar of Legends” guide for people willing to organize this! Maybe some more events will pop up :)

  1. First Steps SelectShow
  2. What to look for in a bar SelectShow
  3. How to convince the owner of the bar SelectShow
  4. Find an event to show SelectShow
  5. Hardware you'll need SelectShow
  6. Preparing tech stuff SelectShow
  7. Promote your event SelectShow
  8. Final Step: Do an awesome event!!! SelectShow
  9. Post-Event-Analysis SelectShow

That’s all what came to my mind so far. I’ll update this list when additional things come up :)

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